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Get a No Nonsense Uncontested Divorce

We talk to a lot of couples that want to get a divorce, but either can’t (or don’t want to) spend a fortune doing it. Many of our clients prefer to work through many of the issues in the divorce on their own. Unfortunately, working through the issues in your divorce may be a little complicated if you don’t know what your options are.

Divorce is complicated because people’s lives are complicated. Downloading a form from the Internet may not give you the results you want or need.

You and you spouse will need to make big decisions about your finances, your property, your children, alimony or spousal support and more. These decisions can be difficult enough on their own. They’re even more difficult if you don’t know what your options are for each of the decisions.

We’ve had more than one person come see us that used a paralegal service or even tried to do their own divorce. Many of the problems we’ve had to fix cost these people far more money than it would have cost to have their divorce done properly in the first place.

So, if you and your spouse want to work through the issues in your divorce, what do you need to do it right? We think you need 3 things.

  1. Tools and resources that will help you work through these big decisions on your own.
  2. Expert legal guidance that’s available when and if you need it.
  3. Competent, experienced legal specialists to draft and review your documents.

Our No Nonsense Divorce process meets all three of these needs for you.

The No Nonsense Divorce Workbook

The foundation of the No Nonsense® Divorce Process is our unique No Nonsense™ Divorce Workbook. Our one-of-a-kind workbook is a step-by-step guide that clearly explains what decisions you and your spouse will have to make and what your options are…all in easy to understand language. You both can use the workbook to make the big decisions in your divorce using simple fill-in-the-blank forms and checkboxes.

The Workbook has two critical features that make it very powerful and yet easy-to-use.

  1. It’s easy to understand. Most legal forms are ridiculously confusing. We wanted something that most people could use without having to pay an attorney to help them answer every question. We think we’ve succeeded because it’s not uncommon for our clients to complete the workbook without ever asking us a single question about it.
  2. It’s streamlined. We didn’t want to waste people’s time running them through a barrage of questions that aren’t relevant to most people.

What is a No Nonsense Divorce?

It’s our one-of-a-kind process for handling agreed divorces using our No Nonsense® Divorce Workbook. You won’t find this process or our workbook anywhere else.

You and your spouse will use our Workbook to negotiate the details of your divorce on your own (as much as possible) without having to pay a lawyer every step of the way.

Once you and your spouse have completed the Workbook, you’ll return it to us. We take the information that you both have provided in the Workbook and use it to draft a complete and comprehensive Final Decree of Divorce.

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all form for your Final Decree. We customize a document for your specific situation that meets your family’s needs. Our divorce decrees are drafted by experienced family law paralegals and reviewed by Board Certified Family Law Attorneys that have been handling divorces in Texas for years.

3 Options for a No Nonsense Divorce

When you decide that a No Nonsense Divorce is the right option for you, there are 3 different plans for you to choose from. You select which option you want based on how much involvement you want from the lawyers.

Option 1

Documents & Coaching
This is our most affordable service. We charge a fixed fee to draft your divorce documents and you file them with the court. With the Documents and Coaching package, you are representing yourself (Pro Se), but you’ll get one hour of legal advice or coaching as a part of the package.

Option 2

Flat Fee
As the name implies, this is also a flat fee service. We will be representing you, so we will draft your divorce documents and file them with the court. We also include up to 5 hours of legal advice with this package.

Option 3

Full Service
All of the work in the Full Service Package will be billed to you and paid out of a retainer. It is not a fixed fee service. We will be representing you in the Full Service Package so we will draft your divorce documents and file them with the court. You can get as much or as little lawyer involvement as you want - you only pay for what you need.
It doesn’t matter which option you choose. The expert Board Certified Divorce Attorneys in our firm oversee all the work done in our office.

Is a No Nonsense Uncontested Divorce Right for You?

We developed the No Nonsense Divorce Process to help couples like you, that want an agreed divorce. So what’s the first question you’ll need to ask if you’re interested in a No Nonsense Divorce?

Do you think your divorce will be agreed? First, let’s discuss what an agreed divorce is (and isn’t.) If the only thing that you and your spouse can agree on is the fact that you both want a divorce, then you don’t have an agreed divorce. An agreed divorce is one in which both spouses are willing to work together to make the big decisions in your divorce (property division, children’s issues, spousal support, etc.) Of course, if you already have agreements about the big decisions…then it’s an agreed divorce.

Do both you and your spouse have the information you need to make informed decisions? If not, can you get it?

If you and your spouse can honestly answer “Yes” to both of these questions, then the No Nonsense Divorce may be a good fit.

How Does It Work?

When we created the No Nonsense Divorce, we wanted to dramatically simplify a complicated and unnecessarily expensive process. The steps below show you an example of how a No Nonsense Divorce works. The process can vary depending on which of the 3 options you choose, but the basic steps are the same.

  1. You or your spouse (one, but not both) hires our firm for a No Nonsense Divorce.

  2. You and your spouse take a copy of the No Nonsense Divorce Workbook and start filling it out.

  3. The divorce begins by filing an Original Petition for Divorce at the courthouse. This is when the 60 day waiting period starts. (In Option 1, you will file it yourself via mail or in person, in Options 2 & 3, we can do it for you.)

  4. We’ll prepare a Waiver of Service for the non-client spouse to sign. (This avoids the use of a process server.)

  5. After you and your spouse have completed all the information in the workbook, you return it to us.

  6. We’ll take the information that you provided in the workbook and draft a Final Decree of Divorce. We’ll send a copy of the Decree for you and your spouse to review.

  7. After you’ve both reviewed the Decree, you and your spouse sign the Final Decree of Divorce. (We’ll make minor changes to the Decree if necessary.)

  8. Wait for the 60 day waiting period to pass, and then the divorce can be finalized in a quick 20 minute prove up hearing.

Which No Nonsense Divorce Option should you choose?

If you’re not sure which No Nonsense Divorce option may be right for you… don’t worry about it right now. We’ve also designed the No Nonsense Divorce Process so that it’s easy to switch between the different options if you determine that another one may be a better fit for your situation. We can also easily move you from a No Nonsense Divorce to a contested one if that becomes necessary.

Don’t feel like you need to choose one of the No Nonsense Divorce options now. That’s one of the things that we can help you decide during an  initial consultation .

How much does a No Nonsense Divorce cost?

The fee ranges from about $900 to about $2,800 plus your court filing fees. It’s based on the actual services that you’ll need. The No Nonsense Divorce Documents and Coaching option and the Flat Fee option also have built in payment plans. They’re divided into phases so you can pay as you go. We also offer a discount for these two options if you decide to pay in full up front.

What should you do next?

If you’re ready to get started or just want to find out more information about how the No Nonsense Divorce would work for you, the first step is to  schedule an initial consultation  with Cristi. We can help you decide whether or not the No Nonsense Divorce is right for you. If it is, we can get started as soon as you’re ready. If the No Nonsense Divorce doesn’t fit your situation, we have a lot of experience with all types of divorces, so we can discuss what the best option may be for you.

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