Dominic Ribaudo

Dominic Ribaudo, Attorney

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, Dominic Ribaudo is a seasoned family law attorney who now calls Denton, Texas home. Dominic's legal career is distinguished by a steadfast dedication to serving individuals and families during their most challenging times, a mission that has been the cornerstone of his work since he embarked on this path in 2018.

Dominic's journey into the legal field was ignited during his high school years, thanks to his involvement in a teen court program known as Trial by Peers. This early experience, working with first-time juvenile offenders, profoundly shaped his aspiration to assist people through the legal complexities of their darkest moments. His remarkable commitment to this cause is evidenced by his early graduation from law school at the age of 21, an achievement that underscores both his passion and acumen for the law.

Before joining Trusler Legal in 2021 as a Senior Associate Attorney, Dominic honed his skills and compassion at Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, serving primarily victims of domestic violence. At Trusler Legal, he continues to leverage his extensive experience in all areas of family law litigation, always guided by his core belief in making a positive difference in people's lives.

Outside the courtroom, Dominic is a man of many interests and talents. A confessed card game aficionado, he has enjoyed games like pinochle, rummy, and poker since he was just 3 years old— a hobby that occasionally takes him back to his roots in Las Vegas for some poker time. However, Dominic's heart truly belongs to his family; he cherishes moments spent relaxing at home with his wife, their son, and a beloved assortment of pets that includes six cats, a dog, a leopard tortoise, and a blue-tongue skink. It's within these moments of domestic bliss and occasional ventures out, even if just to the grocery store, that Dominic finds his greatest joy and relaxation.

Driven by a desire to contribute to society, Dominic has passionately worked with non-profits like Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas and the Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center, dedicating his legal expertise to protect and advocate for the rights of those in need. His leadership and dedication to social justice have earned him notable recognitions, including serving as the head of the consumer practice team for Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas and co-chairing the Texas Bar Association's Poverty Law Section Housing & Consumer Taskforce.

Dominic's life philosophy is one of embracing life's twists and turns, cherishing each experience as a stepping stone to where he is now. If he were to give a piece of advice to his younger self, it would be to live life with the same spirit and drive, appreciating every moment as part of a grander journey.

Dedicated, compassionate, and ever eager to help, Dominic Ribaudo is not just an attorney at Trusler Legal. He's a troubleshooter for life's complex legal challenges, a devoted family man, and a sincere advocate for justice.