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How is Collaborative Divorce Different?

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Watch our 10 minute Collaborative Law video above to show you how the collaborative approach is different from traditional methods of going through a divorce. We'll walk you through some of the details of how a collaborative divorce works. It should help you decide if it's right for you and your family.

Collaborative law is an innovative and relatively new way to practice law. Austin Collaborative lawyers focus on solving problems and reaching a settlement rather than resorting to painful, costly and time-consuming litigation.

Divorce is seldom easy. You are forced to make life-changing decisions at a time when you are emotionally vulnerable. The last thing you want or need is a long, hard court battle over who gets the silverware.

The alternative is to reach an agreement through negotiation that you and your spouse can live with instead of resorting to confrontation and intimidation. In the Collaborative Law process, most of this is achieved through a series of meetings that include both spouses and both attorneys.

During these meetings, information is freely shared that will help everyone reach a decision that makes the most sense for all family members involved. Since the information is given voluntarily, there is much less hostility than in the traditional combative method. Austin Collaborative Lawyers focus on facilitating a settlement instead of preparing for trial.

As a founding member and past President of the Collaborative Law Group of Austin, I have seen first hand the benefits of Austin Collaborative law - particularly during separation and divorce. Austin Collaborative lawyers are specifically trained to work with couples who are looking for a calm, non-destructive and professional way to settle divorce and child-custody issues.

Please contact me for an initial consultation and we can discuss how Collaborative Law can help you and your family.

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