Graydon Trusler

Graydon Trusler, Operations Manager

Graydon Trusler isn’t your average operations manager. With a solid foundation laid in San Angelo, Texas, he’s combined his multifaceted interests into a career at the helm of Trusler Legal’s operations in Austin, Texas. Together with his wife, Cristi, Graydon has turned what might have been a temporary endeavor into a lifelong career.

At the heart of Graydon’s achievements is his family, specifically the thriving law firm he has built with Cristi. Beyond their professional synergy, Graydon counts working every day alongside his wife—and still really liking each other—as a proud and ongoing accomplishment. It’s this unique partnership that fuels both their business success and personal happiness.

Graydon's life outside the office is just as rich and diverse. He has a love for photography that started in 1996 and persists today, albeit with his iPhone as his primary tool. He also plays the violin, adding a touch of melody to his technological and legal pursuits.

Unwinding for Graydon means exploring new destinations, particularly the mountains of Colorado and Utah, and embarking on ebike adventures with Cristi. This passion for travel and exploration complements his dedication to Parkinson’s research, a cause close to his heart.

Influential books like “Atlas Shrugged” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” have shaped Graydon’s perspective on life and work, while his culinary skills typically shine when he assists Cristi in preparing ceviche for friends and family.

Graydon's connection with a client, who prevailed in a custody battle and became a close friend, highlights the personal impact of his work in family law. It’s experiences like these that remind him of the tangible differences they make in people’s lives at Trusler Legal.

Despite a busy professional life, Graydon harbors ambitions of learning Spanish and maintains a humorous quest for “free time” – whatever that is. His advice, “Start less, finish more,” is a constant reminder to focus on what’s important.

Graydon Trusler embodies more than the role of an operations manager; he’s a testament to the power of balancing professional dedication with personal growth and happiness. His journey with Cristi at Trusler Legal is not just a professional partnership but a lifelong adventure they navigate with enduring camaraderie and mutual respect.