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When family lawyers offer a “free case evaluation” to draw in new clients, it's not always what you might think. Often you'll just meet with a paralegal so they can find out if you can afford the retainer. If you're able to meet with an attorney during this “free case evaluation,” it's often little more than a sales pitch. In reality, many free consultations only last about 15 minutes with an assistant who's goal is simply to find out if you can afford their retainers and hourly rates for legal service. It may or may not include getting any actual to your questions about the situation you're facing.

Attorney Cristi Trusler's Family Law Consultations are Different

In our experience, most people facing a family law matter are looking for more than a sales pitch. Consultations with Attorney Cristi Trusler are different. She understands that when you don't know what to do next or even what your options are, it can cause you a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. That's why Cristi is upfront about what information you'll cover during a consultation and how much it will cost.

What Will You Get from a Consultation with Cristi Trusler?

  • A chance for you to explain exactly what’s been going on and what issues you’re facing;
  • Legal advice from a highly experienced family law expert about your specific situation;
  • Detailed, factual answers to your most important questions about your rights, your children, your property, your finances, and anything else you’re concerned about;
  • Experience-based guidance about other potential issues that you may not even be aware of yet;
  • A clear understanding about what your options are as well as the pros and cons of each;
  • A legally sound, strategic plan protecting your interests and for moving forward. so that when you’re ready, you know exactly what needs to be done;
  • A comprehensive discussion about the different processes you can choose from to resolve your family law case;
  • An explanation of the legal issues that may come up during litigation or any possible settlement options based on relevant laws;
  • An overview of how our office operates, communicates, and handles billing;
  • A detailed estimate of the potential cost and timeline for your case.

Why Invest in a Consultation with Attorney Cristi Trusler?

If your family law matter is important to you, you should seek the advice of a true expert. Cristi has over 24 years of experience and is double board certified – both in Family Law and in Child Welfare Law. She has helped thousands of families reach solutions in a wide range of matters from simple agreed divorces to highly complex cases involving business divisions, high asset estates and international custody issues.

Consultation Fees

We charge a discounted $250 per hour initial consultations for up to 2 hours.

How to Schedule an Initial Consultation

You can schedule an initial consultation right now using the form below. Just pick the type of appointment you'd like and then select a time and date that works for you. If you have questions or if you prefer to speak to someone, you can call the office at (512) 481-0330 or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Prefer to Speak to Someone First?

If you prefer to speak to someone to schedule, we provided the form below so you can easily request an initial consultation. This form will send a message directly to our office and we'll get back to you quickly with a confirmation. If you prefer, you can call our office at (512) 481-0330 to schedule an appointment.

Our regular office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. We normally do not make appointments in the evening or on the weekends. However, we will try to work with you if you have special circumstances.

*Discounted consultations are limited to 2 hours. After 2 hours, consultations will be charged at the normal hourly rate. We reserve the right to limit and/or cancel a consultation for (1) issues that fall outside our practice area, (2) issues that are outside the jurisdictions we normally practice in, or, (3) we believe that a potential client or case may not be a good fit for our firm for any reason.