fun parent

Strategies for Co-Parenting with the “Fun Parent”

What do you do when your ex always tries to be the "fun parent" after divorce? This common issue can undermine your authority, confuse your children, and make co-parenting a challenge. Learn strategies for addressing this dynamic, from open communication to setting clear boundaries, in order to prioritize your kids' best interests.

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differences between a Texas Standard Possession Order and an Extended Standard Possession Order for child custody

Understanding Texas Child Custody: SPO vs. ESPO

In Texas, child custody hinges on understanding SPO and ESPO: key frameworks shaping visitation schedules. SPO offers standard visitation, while ESPO permits noncustodial parents more time, especially for those within a 50-mile radius. Whether opting for SPO's consistency or ESPO's flexibility, these orders prioritize your child's well-being, reflecting the state's commitment to maintaining family connections.

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