What We Believe

We believe it takes a special kind of person to work in family law

The emotional depth and complexity of family law cases require not just legal expertise but also a profound level of empathy, patience, and resilience. Our team members are carefully selected for their ability to navigate the myriad of emotions and challenges our clients face, with compassion and understanding. This unique blend of skills and characteristics enables us to provide the high-quality, empathetic support that is crucial for those navigating the often turbulent waters of family law.

We believe in educating our clients about their legal situation

We strive to remove the veil of complexity that often shrouds legal matters by freely sharing knowledge and information. By empowering our clients with understanding, we enable them to make informed decisions, improving both the process and the outcome of their legal journey.

We believe in the diversity of families

Our practice is centered around the fundamental principle of working with people, recognizing and celebrating the unique differences of each individual and family we serve. We are dedicated to treating each person with the respect and dignity they deserve, understanding that the diversity of families enriches our work and our understanding of what it means to support families through their legal challenges.

We believe that judges and lawyers are human

Judges and lawyers, like everyone else, are subject to the same range of emotions and experiences. This human aspect means that sometimes legal outcomes can be unpredictable, as they may have bad days which can influence the dynamics of a courtroom. This understanding shapes our approach to litigation.

We believe that the courthouse should be the last resort

We view litigation as the final step, not the first. Whenever possible, we guide our clients towards alternative resolutions that can spare them the emotional and financial strain of court battles. However, we are also ready to stand up and fight for our clients in court when necessary.

We believe that in some situations, the courthouse is the only option

While we always pursue the path of least conflict, we recognize that in some cases, taking matters to court is unavoidable. When alternative dispute resolutions do not suffice, or the situation demands judicial intervention for justice and fairness, we do not shy away from litigation. Our commitment is to stand by our clients, ready for court, ensuring their rights and interests are rigorously defended.

We believe that “settling out in the hall at the courthouse” is a lazy way to reach an agreement

Reaching agreements at the last minute in the courthouse hall is not only lazy, but often a consequence of insufficient preparation and negotiation. We advocate for proactive and earnest efforts to reach agreements well before setting foot in the courthouse, saving our clients both emotional and financial stress. Our approach is to engage in meaningful negotiations early, aiming to avoid the unnecessary strain of last-minute settlements.

We believe in mutual respect

The foundation of our practice is built on respect. We treat every client and each member of our staff with the utmost consideration and dignity, recognizing the value and contribution of everyone involved. This respect is a two-way street; we expect the same level of respect in return. This mutual regard creates a positive and productive environment, enabling us to navigate our clients' legal journeys with compassion and effectiveness.

We believe that mistakes will happen

We recognize that mistakes are part of the human experience, including in the practice of law. Our approach is to learn from these moments, not shy away from them. When errors occur, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and corrective action. This philosophy allows us to continuously improve and maintain the trust of our clients and our team.

We believe in honesty

Honesty is not just a policy for us; it's a foundation upon which we build every client relationship and legal strategy. We operate with unwavering honesty in all that we do, and in return, we expect the same level of honesty from our clients. This mutual commitment to truthfulness ensures that we can represent our clients to the best of our abilities and navigate the complexities of their cases with integrity and effectiveness.

We believe that the truth often lies somewhere in the middle

While we wholeheartedly believe and support our clients, we are also aware that the opposing party may present a completely different version of events. Experience has taught us that the reality of a situation is frequently a combination of both perspectives. It's rare for one side to be entirely in the right or wrong. Thus, we approach each case with an open mind, committed to uncovering the truth in its most genuine form.

We believe in fairness, even when life and family law aren't always fair

We believe in the pursuit of fairness – it underpins every action we take and decision we make. Yet, we're acutely aware that life, and by extension family law, isn't always fair. This understanding doesn't deter us; rather, it motivates us to work harder, ensuring that we're fighting for the most equitable outcomes for our clients, within the confines of the law.

We believe in continuous improvement

We believe there is always room for improvement in everything we do. This mindset drives us to constantly evaluate our practices, seeking ways to enhance our legal services, client communication, and overall effectiveness. We embrace feedback and see every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow, ensuring that we continually elevate the quality of support we provide to our clients and their families.

We believe in working together with our clients by agreement

We recognize the importance of a good fit for a successful partnership. Should it become clear that our collaboration isn't the best match for a client's needs, we're committed to parting ways amicably, without hard feelings. Our priority is our clients' well-being and ensuring they have the support that best suits their situation, even if it means finding that support elsewhere.

We believe in the value of time

We believe that our time is valuable and so is our clients'. This belief drives us to handle cases efficiently and with respect, ensuring that we provide quality legal representation without wasting time. We appreciate the trust our clients place in us and strive to make every moment count towards achieving the best possible outcome for them.

We believe in fair compensation for our work

We are committed to transparency about our fees, ensuring our clients understand the value of their investment in our services. Our team's work encompasses in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and the emotional intelligence essential for guiding clients through the complexities of family law. This approach allows us to maintain the high quality of legal support our clients deserve.

We believe in preserving your family's financial resources

We believe that your family's financial resources are best allocated towards supporting your family, not on excessive legal fees. Our approach strives to offer effective, conscientious legal representation, focusing on outcomes that preserve your financial well-being. We try our best to advise our clients against making decisions that will ultimately just mean more legal fees without any real benefit.

We believe in being accessible to our clients, within reason

We believe in accessibility, ensuring we're available to support our clients when needed. However, we also prioritize the well-being of our team, acknowledging the emotional toll of our work and the importance of personal time for recovery and family. We aim to strike a balance, being responsive while also maintaining the personal boundaries necessary for our own health and effectiveness.

We believe in open communication

We believe that effective communication is key to a successful partnership. If our clients need something from us or have questions, we encourage them to ask. We're dedicated to supporting our clients, but we're not mind readers. By vocalizing their needs and concerns, our clients help us provide the precise and tailored support they require. Our commitment is to be responsive and attentive, ensuring we meet our clients' needs as effectively as possible.