Do Wedding Photographers Have a Crystal Ball?

Apparently, wedding photographers have learned to look for 8 signs of future marriage problems. I laughed when I read the original article, because I think most of these things are pretty common during the stress of a wedding.

I don’t think there's a reason to panic if your spouse wasn’t really into all of the photographs (#1), but I can tell you from experience that #5 is often an issue with my divorce clients.

I summarized the points, but you can read the original post if you want to learn some of the “research” behind it.

1. One of the partners is completely uninterested in photographs.

2. The couple has more than a 20 percent rejection rate on their RSVPs.

3. The chemistry feels forced.

4. There’s infighting among the bridal party.

5. The couple isn’t on the same page about finances.

6. The couple makes sarcastic digs at each other while taking photos.

7. The relationship seems built on physical attraction alone.

8. The couple hardly spends any time together at the reception.


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